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COPE’s mission is to increase and promote health and wellness, as well as reducing the incidence of preventable liver-related chronic diseases and lifestyles that negatively impact the liver. Some of these diseases include; obesity, diabetes, hepatitis, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease and fatty/liver cancer. We implement our mission through our touchstones to educate, prevent, serve, support and reach over 5 million patients, families, community based organization and health care professionals annually through our public and private partnerships.


COPE’s vision is to Improve access to quality care for under-served populations by providing education and support; reducing the fear, stigma, and discrimination associated with viral hepatitis and other chronic conditions.  Also, to create a Center of Excellence in patient education in New York City that can be replicated worldwide.

This is accomplished through:

  • Teaching the public and hepatitis patients how to prevent, diagnose, and treat viral hepatitis;
  • Promoting liver wellness and healthful lifestyles;

  • Serving as advocates for hepatitis patients and the related medical community worldwide; 

  • Supporting research into the prevention, treatment, and cures for viral hepatitis; 

  • Educating the general public about the realities of mental health and its affect on physical health and well-being.