Black Health Summit


Renowned Healthcare Advocates Discuss the HEP C Epidemic for African American Baby Boomers

Gloria Searson, ACSW, has over 22 years of professional experience in educating in the area of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. Searson will cover the current Hep C epidemic experienced by African American Baby Boomers at the Black Health Matters Summit this Saturday, February 17th.

As President and Founding Director, Gloria leads the Coalition On Positive Health Empowerment (COPE) in its commitment to eradicate Hepatitis C through advocacy, education, patient screening, counseling, and peer support. The focus is to equip clients with knowledge and confidence to become actively involved in their healthcare. COPE’s mission is to promote health and wellness, as well as reduce the incidence of preventable liver-related chronic diseases and lifestyles that negatively impact the live.

Gloria Searson, ACSW
President and Founding Director, Coalition Positive Health Empowerment (C.O.P.E.) Topic: Hepatitis C and the Epidemic for African American Boomers