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COPE offers rapid screenings in our office, free of charge, no appointment necessary. We are in the Oberia Dempsey building at 127 W 127th St, Suite 208, NY, NY 10027.

Rapid Screenings

COPE conducts both HCV and HIV 1/2 screenings, using the Orasure Oraquick® Rapid Antibody test kits. These screenings are non-invasive, highly accurate and produce quick results.


COPE is committed to providing community and outreach testing. We go into urban sites within the community and provide on-site testing. Additionally, COPE participates in national and community events such as Hepatitis C Action Day and Harlem Week. We also test at churches, soup kitchens, shelters and more.

There are several tests for the Hepatitis C virus. The first test detects antibodies, indicating exposure to HCV, not infection. If the test result is reactive for antibodies, the next test, a blood draw, will tell whether you still have the virus in your blood and if so, how much virus is present.


  • Finger Stick method
  • Quick results (20 minutes)
  • Antibody positive results get confirmatory blood specimen collected ASAP
  • Viral RNA lab results available within 10 days of being collected
  • Client referral to Liver Specialists for treatment information and follow up
  • Client referral to community support services, including support groups and community forums

20 minutes later, your results are ready. Know your status!