Care Advocacy

Managing healthcare for chronic illness can be challenging under the best of circumstances. Healthcare and social support systems have become increasingly complex, and many times, people are living with more than one chronic illness.

As a result, people living with one or more conditions find themselves in the care of multiple healthcare specialists and various social support programs; scrambling to keep track of treatment plans, appointments, transportation arrangements, medical bills, and insurance coverage.

COPE’s High-Touch Care Coordination is a care advocacy service that provides individual support. Care advocacy can play a vital role in easing the burden of managing your health and navigating the healthcare and social support systems. Think of us as someone who can walk with you.

Please contact us for an assessment of your needs and to create an advocacy plan that is right for you.

Issues Healthcare Advocacy Can Address

Client care advocacy helps patients navigate the healthcare and social services systems to get the care and support they need. COPE’s client care advocacy services provide clients to:

  • Access health care
  • Make well-informed healthcare decisions
  • Respond to issues regarding medical care and insurance
  • Communicate with healthcare and social service providers
  • Set, coordinate, and attend appointments
  • Speak up about patient and client rights
  • Identify health and social service needs, find resources, and make referrals
  • Explain medical information
  • Clarify diagnoses and conditions
  • Coordinate care between specialists