Health Education

Greater Health Starts with Understanding

Education is the foundation of COPE’s three service touchstones of health education, health screening, and high-touch care coordination.

Our goal is to ensure you have the awareness, knowledge, and skills you need to achieve your health and life goals. What you learn will help you determine what screenings you might need or how we can help you with care coordination.

Staff and local experts work together to help you understand, personalize, and practice what you learn about cultivating greater personal wellness, disease prevention, chronic disease management, and healthcare access and navigation.

Learning Your Way

Knowing some of us like gathering information on our own, some like working one-on-one, others like small groups, and still others like large group learning experiences, we offer learning opportunities to meet your needs and preferences.

Please contact us to explore what program is best for you.

COPE’s Learning Programs

  • Individual learning, either self-directed and online or with the coaching support of one of our peer community health workers

  • Small group learning online or in-person small groups we call Chat & Chew sessions that provide education and emotional support

  • Wellness sessions online and in-person where we focus on learning and practicing healthy behaviors like mindfulness, meditation, eating well, and exercise

  • Hep C University, a large group learning event that brings together people diagnosed and concerned about hepatitis C virus (HCV) with healthcare and social service providers to learn about the latest care and support for treating HCV and make care connections.

  • Chronic Health Community Forums, like Hep C University, are large group learning events for people and providers to learn about the latest in treatment and management of chronic diseases like HIV infection, diabetes, hypertension, and others.