COPE Services

Our Services

COPE services assist people to access and stay in care, as well as become experts in managing their care.

Our approach is holistic and considers how all needs of our clients impact their health. What we offer is not an alternative to traditional health care but rather a complementary system of support that sees the whole person – their history, their present, their future goals.

As well as a coalition that includes community peer health workers and professional healthcare providers, COPE has been able to gain the trust both of patients and providers to maximize patient health outcomes.

Our ultimate goal is the health empowerment of individuals and the community.

Our Services Start with You

COPE is committed to meeting you where ever you are on your journey to better health. Our doors are open to all, free of judgment. We are here to help you become your own best health advocate in your pursuit of better health, wellness, and happiness.

Whether you just want answers to a few health questions, to participate in group education, to access healthcare testing and services, or someone to walk with you – we have what you need.

Our services include:

  • Community health education: Our community health education events provide you with an opportunity to learn a bit about health issues that concern you, as well as about us, and to make connections with other community providers.

  • Education and skills-building: Our small group discussions and individual coaching provide the information you want and need to prevent illness, access to care and treatment, manage chronic health conditions, and create healthful lifestyles for greater well-being.

  • Medical screening: Using the latest medical technology, we can test you for hepatitis C and/or HIV and help you with your next steps for prevention and care.

  • Linkage to healthcare services: We can make sure you get an appointment with the provider that is right for you.

  • Healthcare Navigation: Our peer community health workers have personally known many of the challenges you face. That makes them experts in being able to work with you and walk with you to support your access and engagement in care.

  • Psychosocial support: Our support groups and wellness workshops provide you with support and skills that will help you build resilience and stay the course, even under stress.

  • Health Policy Advocacy: Policy shapes our world. It determines what gets our attention and resources. COPE is committed to fighting for sound regional, state, national, and global public health policy and research to improve individual and community health.