Collective Impact

Fostering Positive Collective Impact

COPE serves as a gateway to and ongoing support for access and engagement in chronic disease prevention and healthcare services. However, we can’t do this alone. While our programs provide essential services, alone, they can’t meet every client’s needs.

Good health requires more than just physical wellbeing. Therefore, a primary client service goal with COPE is to foster client partnerships; with us and with other community providers that will support their health and life goals.

We are committed to this approach to foster partnerships for a positive collective impact.

Client Partnerships

We start with the knowledge that the client is their own expert on what they need. Once in care with us, we start with care coordination services. COPE’s peer community health workers are uniquely skilled to help clients and patients achieve their healthcare goals. Because they are peers, they share many of the lived experiences of clients, clients regard them as credible, trustworthy, and models of the successes that can be achieved. Because they are trained and skilled, they can provide information and coordinate the care needed.

Provider Partnerships

As part of each client’s service plan, community health workers cultivate partnerships with community healthcare and social service providers who can address the unmet needs of clients; sometimes attending appointments with the client or patient. In this way, client trust and confidence are transferred to provider partners.

Working in partnership, providers make mutual referrals and coordinate services to ensure clients have the opportunities they need to improve their lives and health outcomes.