Our Impact

You can read about what COPE does, but we know what matters most is do we have the numbers to tell if our mission is a success story? Do our services “bridge the gaps in chronic disease prevention and healthcare management for people not getting the care they need?”

COPE’s benchmark questions are, as a result of our work, what are the number of people who:

  • learn they have HCV, HIV, and /or a chronic illness?
  • are linked to the care they need?
  • acquire the skills and support to remain in care?
  • cure their hepatitis C infection?
  • maintain HIV viral suppression?
  • use PrEP persistently to prevent HIV infection?
  • successfully manage other chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension?

This is how we, and you, know that what we do matters.

High Positivity Rates for HIV and HCV Screening

We have a strong track record of screening the most hard-to-reach individuals and identifying those that are HIV and/or HCV positive. These figures include people undiagnosed or previously diagnosed but out of care.

  • 4% HIV positive
  • 12% HCV positive
  • 65% HCV Viral Load positive

85% Engaged in Care

COPE builds trusting client relationships that foster health literacy and self-agency, ensuring diagnosis, access, and secure engagement in quality health care.

25 Community Partnerships

COPE works with community partners to address the complex factors that drive health disparities. We believe every client’s success requires we work together.

20 Advocacy Initiatives

COPE advocates to advance public policies through a health equity lens. Peer advocacy is the core of our public policy work.