The Mind-Body Connection

Our understanding of health and quality of life has grown tremendously over the last 50 or so years; in particular, how the mind and the body are connected.

At the heart of this awakening is the realization of the connection between traumatic exeperiences and health. Healthcare providers are increasingly taking a trauma-informed approach that doesn’t ask what is wrong with someone, but rather what happened to them

Unrecognized or unattended trauma experienced in childhood (ACEs) or passed on from one generation to the next or experiences individually in the past or present.

The Center for Health Mind‘s home page asks:

“What if our world were a kinder, wiser, more compassionate place? A place where we exercise our minds just like we exercise our bodies? A place where transforming your mind not only improves your own well-being but cascades to the well-being of others in your community and around the globe?”

At COPE we know it would be a healthier world. So, we created this space in the library of information and resources that will help us all move toward this vision.